Jack Wallen–Author of I Zombie I

I Zombie I

I Zombie I


Are you prepared for a shock?  Well, Jack Wallen will put fear in you with his novel I Zombie I.  “Be afraid.  Be very afraid.”

Title: I Zombie I
Author: Jack Wallen
Genre: Fiction > Horror

 Links to buy book:

A Blade Away http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002NPBSME
I Zombie I http://www.amazon.com/I-Zombie-ebook/dp/B004LGTRX0
Gothica http://www.amazon.com/Gothica-Fringe-Killer-ebook/dp/B002OL1Y3A


“The virus has spread.” 

In a moment of pure chaos, the majority of the Earth’s population has become the walking dead. One man promises to help bring the truth to light.

“The lies have spread.”

When journalist Jacob Plummer is infected, Jacob turns to the written word not only to ease the pain of change, but to bring to surface a truth far deeper and deadlier than anyone could have imagined.

“The truth must now be spread.”

With some new friends, Jacob helps to fight off the growing undead horde in hopes of saving himself and the planet from the rot growing within.

Author Bio:

Jack Wallen has been many things during his adult life. Among those many things, Jack has been an actor, hair stylist, computer engineer, bike mechanic, radio personality, and of course a writer. Over the past decade Jack has written thousands of technical articles (mostly about the Linux operating system), theatrical scripts for young audiences, as
well as thriller, horror, and other forms of fiction. Jack now concentrates on horror, thriller, and fantasy fiction.

Jack lives with his incredibly wonderful wife, three step-children, and six (count ’em…six) cats!  For his inspiration to begin reading and writing, Jack thanks the ever-incredible Clive Barker for words that words cannot describe.


What inspired you to become a writer:

I was an actor for over twenty years. I did Broadway and some BBC films. I toured the US and worked in some of the most incredible repertory companies in the country. When I finally decided to retire (at the young age of 38), I knew I had to have something to feed my creative soul. I had already written stage places (mostly scripts for TYA – Theatre for Young Audiences), so I already had a good handle on dialog. So it only seemed a natural progression of my creativity to begin writing fiction.

Why should people read your book?

I Zombie I is a unique take on the genre in that it is told from the
eyes of a journalist who has been infected and is slowly turning into
one of the undead. This is part of the I Zombie trilogy, which I like
to think of as a “thinking man’s zombie book.”

Can you relate to any of the characters and why?

I can mostly relate to the character of Bethany, but there are layers
of me tucked away in each of my characters. After all characters are
only an extension of the soul of the writer.

Tell your readers something personal about you?

When I was a child, I lost my left hip joint to a degenerative disease.
I spent nearly a long, long time in Riley Children’s hospital having
experimental surgery done. Fortunately, the surgery worked, and I now
run, am an avid cyclist (mountain bikes mostly), and rarely experience
any issue. But that time I spent unable to walk really helped to
develop my imagination.

How can one contact you?

Many ways:

Email: jlwallen@monkeypantz.net
Twitter: jlwallen
Facebook: jlwallen


About Katrina Parker Williams

Katrina Parker Williams teaches English composition and grammar at a community college. She is a Barton College graduate with a B.S. in Communications and a Masters of Education in English from East Carolina University. She is also the author of a fictional novel titled Liquor House Music. Her works have appeared in Charlotte Viewpoint, Muscadine Lines, Usadeepsouth, and on the Wilson Community College website. Her writings have recently been published at The Saints’ Placenta and All Things Girl and is forthcoming in Dead Mule School of Southern Literature and Muscadine Lines.
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